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Odeslat příspěvekod unitak 13. 4. 2018 19:19

To jsem zvědav jestli to bude pravda ta specifikace, pokud ano tak maximalni spokojenost a jen u baterky je otazník zda bude stačit...a taky jaké budou ve skutečnosti foťáky.
Už se nemůžu dočkat asi mám vybráno ☺️

Odeslat příspěvekod therage 13. 4. 2018 19:32

Takze ty vubec nevis jaky to bude realne telefon ale uz mas vybrano. Aha.
Uživatelský avatar

Odeslat příspěvekod unitak 13. 4. 2018 21:38

Píšu že asi mám vybráno...Pokud to bude mít to M+LCD a foťáky budou na úrovni a baterka bude mít rozumnou výdrž tak to bude splňovat vše co potřebuju. Pro mě je hlavní displej typu IPS, nechci OLED z duvodu image retention a k tomu kvalitní foťák. Pokud to bude ok tak ano pak mám vybráno

Odeslat příspěvekod panrt 16. 4. 2018 09:25

The LG G7 ThinQ will be a feature-rich smartphone, powered by AI

Following this week’s reveal of an official LG G7 ThinQ render, AndroidHeadlines can now share significantly more details on LG’s upcoming smartphone. These details have been provided by a reliable source and verified by internal LG documentation seen by AndroidHeadlines. To protect the identity of the source, we will not be publishing any images of the documentation. Although some of these details have already been suggested before, all of the information presented here has been taken directly from the seen documents and is not based on other rumors or reports.

A notch for everyone

Let’s start with what is likely to be one of the most contentious issues with the G7 – the notch. LG is acutely aware notches are not for everyone and the company will look to circumvent this issue through software as the LG G7 will come with the ability for users to choose whether to make use of more of an edge-to-edge design or opt to hide the notch. To clarify this, hiding the notch will result in less display space as a bar will be artificially generated along the top of the display emulating a bezel, and in doing so, blacking out the notch. Naturally, it will still be there as that is where the front-facing camera and earpiece speaker are located but the artificial bar will mask the visibility of the notch. In other words, while LG will market the notch as an optional feature – it is not. This is a notch-equipped smartphone in every sense of the word.

AI, AI, and more AI

LG is positioning artificial intelligence (AI) at the core of the G7. This is, in fact, why the company has opted to use the ThinQ moniker. While it might not be the most attractive name, it is one which has been specifically chosen to reflect the intelligence underlying the LG G7. As that intelligence goes well beyond just what the smartphone can do for you — in terms of the provision of contextual information — with the AI experience having been very tightly integrated with other elements on the G7 such as the camera, another major selling point of the upcoming Android flagship.

AI + Camera = AI Cam

As was the case with the recently released V30S ThinQ, LG will market the tight AI and camera integration on the G7 as “AI Cam.” With LG focusing on how the G7 can process what it sees and offer recommendations to get the most out of photos captured with the phone. Specifically, AI Cam will offer four “enhanced filter options” which will provide different levels of optimization based on aspects such as color, contrast, and saturation. The LG G7 will also offer the ability to offset against direct sunlight by adjusting the exposure, as well as the easy ability to switch to wide-angle mode when needed. The last two points are effectively an extension of the first as the phone will know when it is better to adjust the exposure or use the wide-angle mode, and will provide those recommendations to the user. Likewise, the level of recommendation smarts will also make the LG G7 capable of identifying the subject in view (person, animal, landscape, and so on) and determine the best settings and provide recommendations based on those findings. On a related note, LG will also promote the included Google Lens support during the G7 launch.

Forget pixels, the LG G7 is all about ‘superpixels’

Sticking with the cameras, a “superpixel” selling point will be used by LG to promote the ability of the G7 to see better in low-light conditions. This will be encountered at the user level through the G7’s “Bright Mode,” which once again is an intelligence-based solution that automatically identifies when an environment is dark and reacts by combining pixels together to form a superpixel. According to LG, this will result in the G7 being far more capable in extreme low-light conditions compared to the LG G6, as well as the V30 and V30+. In fact, the G7 will be marketed as capable of capturing four times brighter images and videos compared to the G6 and V30 lineups.

LG’s best dual-camera setup to date

Speaking of “pixels,” AndroidHeadlines can confirm the LG G7 will feature two 16-megapixel cameras on its rear plate. This marks a step up from the twin 13-megapixel camera setup included on the LG G6, as well as an improvement compared to the V30 line’s 16-megapixel and 13-megapixel camera combo. Like those previous options, however, the dual-camera setup will be broken down to include one standard camera and one wide-angle module. As mentioned already, users will be able to switch between the two with ease and even have the system recommend which is the better option to use. The wide-angle camera will feature a 107-degree field-of-view, while the standard camera features a glass lens with an f/1.6 aperture. The standard camera will also feature 10-bit HDR compatibility for greater color capturing – just like the LG V30. Speaking of HDR compatibility, the G7 is a wholly HDR10-compatible phone, meaning it not only records HDR10-quality video but can also play back HDR10 videos on its display.

3D Camera stickers, Live Photo, Portrait Mode, and a new version of Graphy

If the typical intelligence features on offer with the cameras are not for you, then this is only the start of what the cameras offer, as the G7 is going to be packed to the brim with additional camera software tweaks. For starters, 2D and 3D camera stickers will be available, allowing the user to paste over photos with various animated stickers. Following on from the V30’s introduction of Graphy, the G7 will boast an updated version of the service in the form of Graphy 2.0. At present, it is not quite clear how the new version will fundamentally differ from the previous one, although like with the V30, G7 owners will be able to choose from a selection of images and have many of the settings (ISO, shutter speed, white balance, and so on) ported over to the G7 camera when in Manual Camera mode. Adding to its feature-rich repertoire, “Live Photo” will be offered on the G7 so users can capture additional photos both before and after the main photo is captured. The result of which can then be viewed and/or shared as a short video, or just used as a means to select the ‘best shot’ from a variety of shots. With this being a dual rear camera phone, Portrait Mode is also included for good measure. This one likely needs little introduction as it is where the background of an image can be blurred to help isolate the focus on the subject. Although LG’s implementation will not only allow the user to activate the feature before taking a shot but will also offer the option to blur the background of a photo after it has been taken – à la Samsung. LG will look to differentiate its option by drawing on the wider field-of-view offered through the G7’s rear camera setup. Lastly, Portrait Mode is not only resigned to the rear cameras, as like the Pixel 2 line, the G7’s front-facing camera also supports Portrait Mode.

A display that is brighter, more colorful, consumes less power

The two things LG will want consumers to know about the cameras (besides the AI) is that they can capture more color and brighter images. These will also be the two main points used to promote the LG G7’s display. Although unlike the cameras where each of these aspects (color and brightness) are the result of different underlying improvements, the display’s improvements in these areas stem from the same single change – more white pixels. LG explains the G7 includes significantly more white pixels than its previous phones, which results in a display that is twice as bright as the LG G6 and significantly more colorful. In spite of these clear improvements, they do not come at the expense of power consumption due to the G7 making use of the company’s M+ technology. This is a feature typically found on new LG TVs and one which looks to provide the same ‘greater white pixel count’ offered with the G7. Most of this occurs through the use of a “unique algorithm” which once again highlights LG’s continued use of intelligence-based revisions on the G7.

LG wants you to hear the G7 and the G7 to hear you

LG has included what it refers to as a “Boombox Speaker” to the G7. On a more technical level, this means the G7 is capable of acting in the same way as a resonance chamber — LG actually claims it is one — and this means the G7 bounces audio signals internally before the signal is outputted to the listener, with the end result being a more booming sound overall. This is even more apparent as LG has outfitted the G7 with a larger speaker than what was included with the G6. So sound is not only louder through the construction of the phone but also through the physics associated with a larger driver in general. The takeaway – the LG G7 is built for bass.

When it comes to the G7 hearing you, LG has equipped the G7 with far-field voice recognition. This will mainly apply to voice assistant usage and means the G7 will be capable of hearing the user from a further distance than what was offered with the G6. According to LG, the G7 will now be able to pick up voice commands (and comply with them) from as far as seventeen feet (5.18 meters) away from where a command is given.

Google Assistant but not quite as we know it

The LG G7 will feature Google Assistant. This in itself is unlikely to be much of a surprise. However, the documents seen by AndroidHeadlines clearly detail the Assistant experience on the G7 will be more integrated than it is on other phones equipped with the same voice assistant. This is due to LG seemingly having struck a deal with Google to include “LG-exclusive device-specific tasks” on the G7. The documents do not specifically go into detail on these tasks, although it is stated there will be 32 available in total. While it would seem likely a number of these might be more relevant to the ThinQ ecosystem — considering the name of the device — they all won’t be. With two examples of the G7-exclusive actions including the ability for Google Assistant to perform a “visual search” and take a “wide-angle selfie.”


The LG G7 ThinQ is going to arrive as an all-singing, all-dancing smartphone. AI, cameras, and the two together are going to be some of the primary selling points, although even with the AI elements removed from the equation, the G7 will remain a feature-packed phone. Audio will also be a factor more catered to with the G7 and this seems to suggest the G and V lines are becoming much closer to one another – with both now focusing on photography and audio above other aspects. The LG G7 will include a notch which can be hidden from one’s view when needed, will boast two 16-megapixel cameras, and will support Portrait Mode with both the front and rear cameras. On one last note, AndroidHeadlines can confirm the LG G7 will launch running on Android 8.0 (Oreo).
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Odeslat příspěvekod stillmann 16. 4. 2018 10:00

To je počteníčko..díky :D

Odeslat příspěvekod Tazz1 16. 4. 2018 11:48

Tak ten opravdu pod 20tis Kč nebude.

Odeslat příspěvekod ZavorkaCZ 16. 4. 2018 12:13

Je to hnus, to to nemohli dát ten výřez na kraj? Aby to ve finále bylo jako u V20? :/
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Odeslat příspěvekod panrt 17. 4. 2018 06:14

LG Maniak

Odeslat příspěvekod Ozzy1980 17. 4. 2018 10:12

Tost hezký. Najednou to vypadá, že se G7 bude posovat přesně tím směrem, jakým bych chtěl.

Mě se líbí ten displej až k hraně.


Odeslat příspěvekod panrt 18. 4. 2018 11:33

Oba nové telefony LG G7 ThinQ a LG Q7 požádaly v Rusku o certifikaci, aby se telefony mohly prodávat na daném trhu. Jedná se o EEC (Eurasian Economic Commision). Certifikace byla schválena.

Nicméně vždy tak bývá, že po certifikaci získáme několik informací o specifikacích daného telefonu. No v tomto případě tomu tak nebude. Jediné, co se dozvíme, tak to je právě to, že oba telefony budou už mít před nainstalovaný Android 8.1.

LG G7 a LG Q7 získaly certifikaci v Rusku novinky

My však víme, že LG G7 ThinQ bude oznámen v Květnu tohoto roku a to přesněji 3. května.

LG G7 ThinQ bude mít 6.0 palcový displej s 19:9 poměrem stran, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, duálním 16MPx fotoaparátem, F/1.5 clonou a 3000 mAh baterií.
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Odeslat příspěvekod panrt 20. 4. 2018 10:53

This photo was taken w/ an LG G7
EXIF data said LM-G710 - F/1.6 - ISO 50 - 4.03 mm - 1/379
web service conversion probably added artifacts
converted to PNG to post here (0 compression)
original size 5.3 MB - 16.3 MP - 4656x3492 pixels
add :orig to file url to see "full" quality
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Odeslat příspěvekod panrt 23. 4. 2018 15:08

LG is on the verge of launching the G7 flagship in the coming week and today two variants of the G7 ThinQ have been certified by the National Radio Research Agency in South Korea. The variants are being identified by the model numbers LM-G710V and LM-G710N, the latter one might be the G7 ThinQ that will be sold exclusively in the eastern countries.

On the other hand, the former model has already been certified in Russia and is expected to be dedicated to European countries. The LG G7 ThinQ much like its predecessor will pack artificial intelligence technologies. Apart from the regular volume and power buttons, the upcoming flagship will also come with a dedicated Google Assistant button.

Furthermore, the G7 ThinQ packs a 6.1-inches (1440 x 3120 pixels) FullVision MLCD+ display and is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Mobile Platform with 4GB RAM and 6GB RAM variants. It runs on Android 8.1 Oreo with LG UX on top. In terms of camera, there is a 16MP dual rear camera with f/1.5-aperture, LED flash, Laser Autofocus and an 8MP front camera with a wide-angle lens for selfies and video calls.

It comes with a quad-DAC setup with a 3.5mm audio jack, a USB Type-C port, and an IP68-rating for water and dust proofing. The LG G7 ThinQ is expected to be announced on May 2nd, so we should know more details and pricing once it goes official.
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Odeslat příspěvekod panrt 24. 4. 2018 06:40

Finální podoba LG G7 ThinQ
LG Maniak

Odeslat příspěvekod panrt 24. 4. 2018 11:41

Už příští týden se dočkáme opožděné premiéry nového vlajkového smartphonu z dílen korejské společnosti LG. Novinka ponese název G7 ThinQ a takto bude vypadat.

Tento detailní tiskový snímek zveřejnil na svém Twitteru @evleaks, takže jej můžeme považovat za oficiální. LG G7 ThinQ dostane vzhled, který diktuje moderní doba, tedy protáhlý displej s tenkými okolními rámečky a výřezem nahoře uprostřed. „Notch“ bude menší než v případě iPhone X, naopak širší bude brada pod displejem. Telefon dostane záda ze zakřiveného skla, v něm pak bude osazen duální fotoaparát s vertikálně posazenými čočkami. Pod fotoaparátem najdeme čtečku otisků prstů a název telefonu.

Záda budou plynule přecházet v kovový rám obepínající zařízení, ve kterém najdeme všechny potřebné ovládací prvky; zamykací tlačítko a tlačítka pro změnu hlasitosti doplní na levé straně speciální tlačítko pro vyvolání funkce Google Assistant. Šuplíček na SIM kartu/y bude umístěn nahoře, dole pak najdeme hlasitý reproduktor, nabíjecí USB-C konektor a také klasický sluchátkový konektor.

Špičkové parametry a slabší bráška
LG G7 ThinQ bude pohánět Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, údajně spárovaný s 6 GB RAM a 128GB úložištěm. Kromě něj má dorazí i odhlehčená verze LG Q7, kterou již před několika dny schválily americké a ruské certifikační autority.
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Odeslat příspěvekod panrt 25. 4. 2018 08:09

The LG G7 Display Settings menu
Image from: LG G7 ThinQ will have a Super Bright 6.1-inch display
While the LG G7 ThinQ is not official yet, LG just revealed what would surely be one of the phone's key stand-out features. The company's next flagship phone will be equipped with a Super Bright display, as LG calls it, capable of 1000 nits of brightness...


While the LG G7 ThinQ is not official yet, LG just revealed what would surely be one of the phone's key stand-out features. The company's next flagship phone will be equipped with a Super Bright display, as LG calls it. And it is a fitting name indeed, seeing that the panel can hit 1,000 nits of brightness, which is impressive for a smartphone – and almost double the brightness output compared to the G6 and the V30.

Having this extra brightness is beneficial in outdoor light conditions as it makes the screen easier to see under the sun. At the same time, power consumption has been reduced by as much as 30 percent compared to last year's LG G6, the company highlights.

The screen will also have a notch, judging by the image accompanying the press release. This doesn't come as a surprise given the LG G7 leaks we've had over the past few weeks. However, it may be possible to "hide" the notch by applying a black background to it, as it is seen in the second screenshot.

LG chose to stick with IPS LCD technology for the LG G7 ThinQ and its Super Bright display. The panel measures 6.1 inches in diagonal and has a resolution of 3120 by 1440 for a 19.5 to 9 aspect ratio. In other words, the screen will be even taller than the one we had on the G6. 100 percent of the DCI-P3 color space is covered by the G7's display, which is a nerdy way of saying that it can technically deliver brighter, prettier colors. Power users are given the freedom to choose between six display modes and fine-tune color balance to their preferences.

That's all the official information LG passed along today, but rumors have many of the remaining blanks filled up. It is said that the LG G7 will be powered by a Snapdragon 845, paired with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. Meanwhile, leaks indicate that the phone will come with dual main cameras, a rear-mounted fingerprint reader, a power button on the right, and an extra button on the left for quick access to Google Assistant. The LG G7 ThinQ is set to be publicly announced on May 2 at an event in New York.
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