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Odeslat příspěvekod panrt 9. 9. 2018 19:03

LG Octane:

-- 9. 9. 2018 20:04 --

Even though he has created multiple renders since then, I’ll always remember Mladen Milic as the designer of the ASUS and HTC gaming phones. Today he tackles a different brand, this time LG. The designer created the LG Octane handset, that arrives with a glass and metal body and finally leaves the notch behind.

LG Octane comes with a secondary display placed on its left side, just a bit below the front cameras (dual cameras too). These are dual 4K cameras, a feat that only Nokia has achieved till now. I don’t know if you know, but only the Nokia 8 cam do front camera video capture in 4K. The LG Octane comes with a 6.2 inch AMOLED screen with the latest Gorilla Glass 6 for protection.

It’s also got a new way of framing the design and at the back we find 3 QHD cameras with a little bump for the module. We also have a LED flash, fingerprint scanner and a red LG logo on the bottom. This phone is made of aluminum and glass and comes in black, white and silver gray. I see that the secondary screen is very discrete at the top of the phone, compared to what we got on the LG V10 and V20.

The triple back camera actually looks pretty OK and shiny metal is a nice touch. I wish they’d bring back chromed phones, or at least chrome looking, like back in the days of the Xperia Z5.

Also, you should know that you can support Mladen Milic via his YouTube channel, if you want to see more concepts in the future.

Odeslat příspěvekod Paja-indian 9. 9. 2018 19:55

Zatím je to jen spekulace? Nebo je tam reálný předpoklad, že to dojde až do výroby?

Odeslat příspěvekod panrt 9. 9. 2018 21:20

Zatím spekulace uvidíme až se objeví další info nebo ne.

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